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Hund frisst Hund

by 9-Heart // DantesDMG

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So, finally.
After struggeling around for almost 3 years with LSDJ and my various GameBoys here it is:
My first legit Release. And oddly enough it only took me like 4 and a half months.

Anyway, after going through various styles i kinda settled for a kinda dark tone in this release with also some brighter tracks along the way. Still my design in Melodys and Structure is Awful, but i'm glad how far i did improve over the past months. And if i'm looking at my first tunes and the fact that i really have no musicial background - That says a lot.

Big thanks go out to various people out there, here are a few of the top of my head (and don't be sad if i missed ya out):

Hannes Fertala - 'Cause going to a Awesome ChipShow he intended and seeing DEADBEATBLAST live, kinda motivated me to work on a release.

The ClipStream Crew - For creating a Awesome WebShow on a monthly base. And ClipStream was kinda the first place i performed a LiveSet. So i kinda owe ClipStream my Performance Skills.

Claudia Yvette - Probably where i got my Passion to push this release out, came from her. One of the few persons who actually liked my stuff now for a long time, it's good to know that there are actually people out there who enjoy my stuff.

Jay Tholen - I really have to Thank him, 'cause i guess i was kinda difficult and very hard on how the Art for this EP should look like.
But in the end he did a great job that my whacky skills could have never pulled off! So you know - Hire this Guy.

Narayan Choudury - For mastering my good awful stuff and make it more lisenable. Also for giving me Feedback anytime i needed it and of course introducing me into ClipStream. Which turned out great.

You - If you actually came this far and read through all the stuff i wrote down Last-Minute Style before clicking the "Puplish" Button.
I hope you also listen to the EP and not just read this :I

That's it so far, and if you actually decide to donate some money to me through this Release than i'm really grateful to you and can assure that it will just go to buy more Gear to make more Tunes, which wil end up on a EP. Or even Album.
I actually will spent it on a new Mic. 'Cause seriously fck my Mic. It's horrible, ClipStream deserves better.


released February 9, 2013

Composed and Recorded by F. Hecht
Mastering done by Narayan Choudury in Smoking Mirrors Studios in Cincinnati, Ohio
Artwork by Jay Tholen from



all rights reserved


9-Heart // DantesDMG Germany

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